Psychological Effects On People Who Are Adopted

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There are many psychological effects that happen to people who are adopted. Many grow up in the same family as they were born to, knowing who they are and where they came from. Usually it is passed by many and taken for granted that they know where they got their looks from. For people who are adopted, it is a completely different story. There is loss when it comes to finding out who we are as people, if someone is adopted they have questions about themselves that many cannot answer. I question myself constantly, “Why was I put up for adoption. What do my birth parents look like? Do I have siblings or am I a twin? Where would I be if I was not adopted?” There are definitely more questions that could be asked, but it would lead to more wondering and to feeling more lost. Knowing only half of yourself is difficult, it is hard to grow with and accept. There will be concepts in people 's heads, and when certain events happen it messes with the mind where it is possible to shut down.
No one knows what it feels like to be someone that is adopted other than people who are. People who are adopted usually have an emotional impact as well as psychological effects because of being adopted. It took longer for me to find my own identity, and to develop what my identity is today even though I am still not 100% sure who I am. I also obtain a great amount of guilt or feeling lonely at some port in time. There are many times where I have felt unwanted or in some cases abandoned. This could mean the smallest impacts on my life such as a friend leaving or not wanting to hang out. A breakup can also be something that will impact me more than others could because of that feeling of abandonment. Though it is hard on myself it is also hard on the peop...

... middle of paper ... little voice in my head, got to me. I started to feel unsure about myself, I would talk down to myself. To the point where I would have some sort of mental breakdown. When this happened, I went to the people who I knew loved and cared for me. I would get their words implanted in my head of them saying that I can do it, that I am a beautiful person, that I should not second guess myself. In these circumstances, this is where I felt like I did not know who I was. I questioned my identity of who I am as a person. Even though I have been living for eighteen years, I still do not know my true self. I will keep questioning myself, I will keep feeling a some sort of abandonment, and trust issues for the longest time. These psychological effects will not leave my mind for a long time. But at least that who I am, I finally found a part of me that is not a mystery anymore.

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