Theology And Christian Education Case Study

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1. The following questions are based on Chapter 3 in Yount’s The Teaching Ministry of the Church:

a. Explain the relationship between theology and Christian education.
Christian education is incomplete without theology. Theology is the study of God. Christian education is communicating God’s truth to learn about Christ Jesus. Therefore the relationship of theology and Christian education is hand in glove. God is a teacher who teaches believers through His Word and through His revelation. The Bible is God’s teaching manual that He has provided to us to learn about Him and His ways, so that people will believe on Christ Jesus as the Savior of the world. Application of the study of God and Christian education is then obedience to the Word by
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He used a specific person provide a specific revelation for a specific time. God used angels, prophets, dreams, and even His own audible voice to teach people what He wanted them to know. God also used feasts, festivals, the sabbath, and the Old Testament Laws and regulations to speak to His people and receive their obedience. In the New Testament, God added Jesus, the Master, to teach His ways and model His character. Jesus taught First Century followers how He alone has fulfilled the Scriptures. In current times, God continues to use people – pastors, preachers, teachers, family members - however, now God has given believers the Bible as one closed canon and the Holy Spirit as His helper to understand Scripture (1 Cor…show more content…
The pastor’s example of right living based on Christian values and convictions, serving others, and demonstrating strong faith despite our circumstances provide followers someone to model after in their contemporary setting. The members faith grows when they seem faith demonstrated through walking with someone else or the testimonies shared by the pastor and leaders. When the pastor demonstrates a spiritual walk consistent with the teachings of Scripture this encourages and motivates the church members to grow in their own spiritual walk. If the pastor reads scripture the members will feel encouraged to read scripture, or sing songs of worship, or love their neighbor,
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