Benefits of Therapy and Christianity

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I have discovered a lot about myself in general and how to deal with many issues for myself and others. I learn to think more critical in the class and in the real world as well. This course has helped me overcome my fear of worrying. I was unsure of myself when I first start class, but I quickly learn to understand myself and other people behavior by looking at my own self first that meant on the inside and outside. I have always been goal-oriented and generally known what I want out of life. This course has helped me to know myself better. It has taught me a valuable skill that I can apply at work with the students and in the master’s degree program. I have found that I like online education, and I know that I can achieve my goals if I work hard enough. This class forced me to become more organized. Through the various assignments, I have mastered the use of technology. I learned to communicate through discussion question with my classmates and instructor.

Therapy is very effective treatment for mental and emotional problems; however, in order to reap the benefits, it is important to choose the right therapist. Someone a person can trust who make them feel cared for and has the experience to help make changes for a better life or self. A good therapist knows how to listen, help identify, and understand self-defeating thoughts and behavior. They also encourage a person to make positive changes, and motivate an individual to learn and grow, but the therapist cannot do the work for the client. Counseling can help a person to learn to make better decisions. It can assist a person to improve personal skills, develop greater confidence, and acquire awareness and appreciation of their needs and those of other people. With counseling...

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...ersonally, professionally, and spiritually. Many of the instructor’s non-judgmental attitude, patience, caring, educational, and experience has helped me to achieve and improve overall at GCU. The knowledge that I study from GCU will allow me to continue my higher education, which will prepare me for the future, and for making a difference in someone life.

In the professional life, I am prepare in leadership skills, have become a better communicator in person and on paper. I learn to think critical, learn to better understand others, and make more precise decisions and able to look at my own self. Overall, the internship was unique experience and it allows me to experience students on a different level. I learn from supervisor, staff, and students. The internship allows me to focus on gaining important skills on working responsible and communicating with others.
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