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Protein is vital for our body’s health and well being, without it, we would not exist. It is common knowledge that protein should be consumed regularly to maintain health however protein supplements are being taken by many as it is thought to increase muscle development. Studies continue to prove the positives and negatives of taking supplements in the forms of powder, bars and nutritional balls.

Protein is in every cell in our body, it is needed to repair and build new tissue around the whole body, and is needed for chemicals in our body such as enzymes and hormones. Protein also slowly provides energy to the body and is a good way to release energy steadily throughout the day. As well as all this, protein is most commonly known for its vitality in muscles, it is used to aid the recovery of muscles and increase muscle size.

Protein is a macronutrient with means that our bodies do need quite a large amount in order to stay healthy. That being said, those who work out more than the average human will be using more protein and therefore more will be needed to keep them at the same health as the average human. Our bodies are unable to store protein, therefore, it is encouraged that protein is taken throughout the day. in a first world country like ourselves, it is said around 0.8 grams of protein are needed per kilogram of bodyweight. Many protein supplements, especially whey protein supplements, say that at least double is required for those involved with ‘intense workouts’ or looking to add muscle mass. It is also suggested by these companies that 20 to 40% of your daily calorie intake, is protein.

A common source of protein is eggs, it is said hat that having an egg a day for breakfast is good to keep your body going...

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...t it has not been completely clarified if it leads to too much protein within the body which may cause side effects if the body cannot use it all. Short term studies have released evidence that whey powder does increase muscle strength and mass however it is unknown if any side affects may occur on the bodies composition.
In conclusion, it is evident that protein can be consumed healthily through natural sources but for those who commit to more intense exercise, supplements are an efficient way to gain more whey protein (as it is suggested they need double the average). Science has shown advantages in muscle growth and repair however there is little evidence for any long-term side effects. Manufactures often use WPI with a mixture of other whey protein to emphasis the quality; consumers often don’t realize the percentages of WPI to other ingredients.
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