Creatine is a Safe Alternative To Steroids

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Creatine is a Safe Alternative To Steroids "How can I build muscle, boost my performance and lose fat?" This question has generated hundred of books and magazine titles. Many people even risk their health in a chance to look "buff." If you spend the time reading these articles you will certainly find no shortage of proposed answers, complete with picture documentation of the results with the use sport supplements. Even recreational athletes who might play softball on the weekend or shoot a game of hoops on occasion find it hard to resist the messages that promise the bigger muscles, and thinner body, and all from a bottle or pill. Creatine is perhaps the best supplement ever to hit the sports nutrition market. Creatine is a compound produced by the body that help release energy in muscles, giving users steroid-like results without the side effects. Creatine is an effective sports supplement. Many people feel that proper nutrition and exercise will give you the same results that creatine will, and that creatine is all hype. Creatine offers more that just nutrition an...

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