Understanding Dietary Choices: A Case Study of a Vegan College Student

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In solving the case study of a 22-year-old college senior dietary concern, we start by examining her diet. Dawn is a vegan. Vegans exclude meat and milk products from their diets. Vegan-ism is one of many options if someone is trying to adapt to living a vegetarian lifestyle. Lactovegetarian is another vegetarian diet option. Lactovegetarians exclude eggs, meat, seafood, and poultry from their diet, but include milk and milk products. Similar to lactovegetarian in spelling, but different in diet is lact-ovo-vegetarian. Lact-ovo-vegetarian has the same exclusion as lactovegetarians, with eggs being the exception. Lact-ovo-vegetarians consume eggs (pg. 62).
Choosing to be a vegan and removing meats and animal products is fine, but it 's important …show more content…

61). However, she may need to make adjustments to improve her health and make sure her diet is rich in all vitamins and minerals. Dawn may have a small capacity and eats mostly high-fiber foods, therefore she may be at a disadvantage of not eating enough food to meet energy or nutrient needs (pg. 117). Also, with a high fiber diet the GI tract is working overtime, which could be a disadvantage. It 's important for Dawn to drink plenty of fluids to soften …show more content…

This includes muscles, blood and skin, bones and teeth. Protein also helps regulate fluid balance, regulate acids and bases, carries oxygen from the lungs to the cells, work as source of energy and glucose, and works as antibody. Therefore, protein is an essential nutrient to the body. For this reason, Dawn needs to make sure that she is the consuming proper amount of protein. Furthermore, since Dawn wants to gain weight, an increase of the amount of protein can help her meet her

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