Pros And Cons Of Sleep Deprivation

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Problem statement: According to the American Psychological Association, an estimation of 2.6 billion people during the 21st century worldwide are affected by sleep deprivation which causes health, safety, and economic concerns.

Introduction: When determining the design specifications the team relied on feedback from experts in the medical field who have researched sleep deprivation, people who suffer from sleep deprivation, of the bats, and those that coach sports that may benefit from knowing the contact location of an object. In creating and prioritizing the specifications the team did a significant amount of research on products that already exist and patents that have been granted that seek to solve this or similar problems. The team also examined the pros and cons of many solutions to come up with the design requirements that the group felt needed to be included in a solution that fully solves the stated
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Design Benchmark:
The solution will have clear and easy to use instructions/features.
The solution will be used for all 6 years and older. Justification: Product research has shown that products to help with sleep deprivation tend to be confusing to learn relating to the user not trying to use it anymore and still suffering from sleep deprivation. Consumers that suffer from sleep deprivation would more than likely buy our product if it satisfies this requirement of being user-friendly.

Design Requirement: The design must be rechargeable. Design Benchmark:
The solution will be rechargeable either by batteries or power cord.
Recharging should be fast and easy to do. Justification: Related product research shows that most technological products created to help with sleep deprivation have to secure into wall outlets. This requirement will also help with the solution being portable.

References/ expert review:
-Diana early

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