Sleep Apnea Pros And Cons Essay

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The 6 Major Diets for Sleep Apnea (Six Best Diets for Sleep Apnea) If you suffer with sleep apnea and are overweight, you are not alone. You’ve probably been told by one or more of your doctors that you’d be healthier if you lost weight. But, have any of them ever told you about a diet for sleep apnea patients, or better yet, about the 6 best diets for sleep apnea? No? Well, I will. Gary Foster, PhD, directs the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Philadelphia’s Temple University. Dr. Foster believes that weight loss on a sleep apnea diet helps to decrease symptoms for many sufferers, According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, 25…show more content…
This is called a plateau and further weight loss can be hard to achieve without some help. Pros and Cons of a Low Calorie Diet Pros: -- You’ll be able to quickly lose a few pounds -- Some clinical studies suggest that individuals who adhere to the lifestyle of restricting their calories can increase their lifespan -- You’ll save money at the grocery store while eating fewer calories Cons: -- The weight loss isn’t permanent and may return when you go off the diet -- Staying on a minimal calorie diet for long periods of time can strain your heart and nervous system, especially in conjunction with an extensive exercise program -- Common side effects are fatigue, unstable blood sugar levels, and mood swings -- Contrary to some clinical studies, there is inconclusive scientific evidence to support the theory of increasing a person’s lifespan -- A restricted calorie diet any result in the wasting away of your muscle tissue -- Most of the weight you lose is not fat, it is more in the form of water and muscle

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