Pros And Cons Of A Case Study

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How to Conduct and Complete a Case Study To conduct and complete a case study, one must understand what a case study is. It is one of the various methods to develop research and to obtain knowledge. Once the concept of what a case study is grasped, then one must comprehend the process that comes along with this research method. Ultimately, there are many different reasons, advantages and disadvantages to this method, but once completed, one will have an in-depth perception on the subject with in the case study. Questions and Answers Explanation of a Case Study While there are many definitions and descriptions, most commonly a case study is a research method to which comprehensively examines multiple sources of information. This effective methodology helps to investigate and understand complex issues in real life situations. Whether it’s of “an individual, animal, event, or treatment method” (Crawford, p.78), one can conduct a case study to answer specific research questions like how and why. “Case studies illustrate a problem; indicate a means for solving a problem; and/or shed light on needed research, clinical applications, or theoretical” (American Psychological Association, 2010). Pros and Cons of a Case Study When conducting a case study, one should know the benefits and non-benefits of using this research method. One of “the major advantage to case studies is that we can study rare events that would be unethical to study otherwise” (Crawford, p.79). For example, extreme violent behavior in youth and schools. Many people want to overlook bullying in schools; let alone to define a child as violent, so of course some would find it unethical to research/study this topic. Another advantage of a case study is that it gives us ... ... middle of paper ... ...sal reports)” (McLeod, S. A., 2008). Conclusion Now that one understands what a case study is and the process that goes along with it, one can successfully complete the research method with ease. No matter what the topic is, which whether it’s a practical or very unusual, a case study can supply very descriptive, qualitative information. With using this method and collecting all this information, one becomes very knowledgeable of the subject, which makes it easier for the researcher to connect with their work. By the connection made between the subject and researcher, the researcher will then have a different in-depth perception of the case. Finally, while this method has its disadvantages, the case study method proves to present a unique platform for a variety of studies that create remarkable insights into areas of analysis versus all the other research methods.

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