Professional Practice Model Of St. Vincent Medical Center

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At the St. Vincent Medical Center, their Professional Practice Model of Nursing supports their nurses through practice, collaborate, communicate, and develop professionally. It aligned with other professional standards of practice and performance such as, Connecticut Nurse Practice Act, ANA Scope and Standard Practice, ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, ANA Nursing 's Social Policy Statement, and AONE Guiding Principles for the Role of the Nurse in Future Patient Care Delivery (St. Vincent Medical Center, 2012). St. Vincent Medical Center Professional Practice Module framework is a picture of a big gear clock and inside of it has different small gear clock, and each gear has it own represent of St. Vincent Medical Center nursing professional practice…show more content…
The Patient and Family will always held in the highest regard. Patient and Family Center Care and Relationship-Based Care promote a culture of caring and a ways that identifies and respects the patient 's perspective concerning of what matters the most to them. It is the beneficial partnership that leads to the highest quality of care and the safest outcome (St. Vincent Medical Center, 2012).

The Nursing Core Values (the inner gear and surrounding the Patient and Family) as 8 values:

1) Trust - St. Vincent 's Medical Center environment, the moment a patient walks into their doors of trust, the patient will receive the highest level of safe, compassionate, physical, emotional and spiritual care. Nurses trust that they work in a safe and healthy enviroment where they are supported and encourage to care for, for themselves as well as other (St. Vincent Medical Center, 2012).

2) Caring - St. Vincent is committed healthcare system where every patients will get the right care at the right time in the right way, every time. Nurses are inspired to see their roles beyond the tasks ad technology to the true heart of nursing, which is caring. Caring behaviors are evident of ways that the St. Vincent cate for their patient an families, the staffs, and colleagues (St. Vincent Medical Center,
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Vincent is commitmented to a culture of safety stems from the teamwork and leadership of all disciplines. Nurses are the first line of defense in assuring patient safety. Continual emphasis on safety and high quality care is recognised and rewarded(St. Vincent Medical Center, 2012).

5) Collaboration - At St.Vincent, nurses are committed to cultivating an environment that are opean communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Nurses play a pivotal role in coordinating and collaboring with other disciplines to best serve the patient and families. By sharing knowledge, decision-makin, innovations, and feedback are ways to produce exceptional outcomes in a dynamic and challenging environment (St. Vincent Medical Center, 2012).

6) Knowledge - St. Vincent environment is a place that allow and promote professional growth and development, supports the mission and vision and ensure high quality and safe care and outcomes. St. Vincent 's focus on education and tuition assistance, and supports national certification that allows nurses to experience personal and professional satisfaction as well as career advancement. Helping the patients to feel empowered and make informed decisions about their care and treatment requires expertise and knowledge. With that, nurses use their knowledge to empower others and drive change. Nursing knowledge is evidence-based and dynamic, and lifelong learning is required for continued application (St. Vincent Medical Center,
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