Private versus Public Education

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Education is a major factor in a young person’s life. It can determine how successful you are, the way your peers think of you, and the way you will live the rest of your life. There are two types of education you can receive growing up, one being more beneficial than the other. Private education is more beneficial, but Public education seems to be the more practical one. A lot of times, only the most eminent option is considered, that being public education. People do not take the time to actually consider which would be better for their children in the present and the future. In the 2007-2008 school years, twenty-five percent of all United States schools were private schools. Private education is superior to public education in that it consists of a better environment, better academics, and you can incorporate religion.

The environment which surrounds you at a school affects the outcome of someone’s learning ability. Although private schools may not be state funded, they still have the means to supply a nice facility for their students. Public schools are kept up to a certain extent but not the way a private school is. Unlike a private school, a public school is assigned to you based off of where you live. So even if the school was dirty and run down, you would have to attend there unless you moved to another school district. Private schools on the other hand, you can personally choose. You have the option to drive say forty-five minutes away to go to the school you feel fit for your child. A nice facility is a positive attraction for a school. Private schools tend to have a smaller amount of students. In fact, eighty-six percent of private schools have fewer than three hundred students. With so few students, the average cl...

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