The Importance Of Teaching Religion In Schools

Imagine what the world would be like if all schools taught religion. I think that the world would be a better place, especially if all students believed in what they were learning about. However, what if schools were forced to teach children about all religions equally? I think that it would cause a lot more confusion. People wouldn’t know which of the religions to believe in. Dan Dennette is an America philosopher, an evolutionist, and is also known as one of the “Four Horsemen of New Atheism.” Dan Dennette has been in several broadcasted debates, has received several awards for his research and understandings, and has been made more famous through his Ted Talk, called “Let’s teach religion- all religion- in schools.” In his Ted Talk he tries…show more content…
He compares religion to cows, saying that they both are natural, have evolved, are biological, and have been changed by humans. While I agree with Dennette that it is important for children to be taught about religion in school, I don’t think that it is necessary for schools to focus on all religions equally. I think we should have complete faith in the Bible, and trust that Christianity is the right religion. I also think that we should be disciples for Christ, teaching everyone we encounter about Him, and what He has done for our lives.
Dan Dennette 's speech about teaching all religions in schools has some truth to it. I do think that all schools should teach about religion. It is critical for students to learn about their religion
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I agree with him that teaching about religion in schools is crucial. The students should be learning about the facts, values, sacraments, and scripture of religion. Teaching religion is so important because of the affects religion has on our culture. All of culture is affected in a way by religion. What shows people watch or don 't watch, how people treat each other, and what people are interested in. However, Dennette says that students should be required to learn about all religions just like they are required to learn about other subjects, students should have the ability to pick their own religion. Instead of focusing on having every school teach about each religion, we should be focused on disciplining to those who are struggling to believe that the Bible is true. The world would have less crime, be more unified, and have a better purpose if everyone was learning about, and believed in Christ as their Savior. Finally, I do not think that cows and religion are similar. Religion has not evolved, it is not natural, and humans do not redesign

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