Preconceived or Impulse?

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The Holocaust was full of atrocities that any person would shutter to mention. Yet, there are so many things about this event that we don’t completely know. Without knowing, or at least understanding, we can never expect ourselves not to allow such atrocities to be committed again. Once such unanswered question is whether or not Adolf Hitler, the leader, or “Fuhrer” as they call him, plan for the mass execution of millions of Jews or did he just take advantage of the circumstances before him with a deadly fist. Through the analysis of a myriad of facts, it is easy to understand that it cannot be argued whether or not Hitler necessarily planned all along for the "Final Solution," but it can be determined that he, at the very least, had the idea from the start.

What you need to know
During the Holocaust, Hitler and the Nazis began to round up the Jews into confined spaces, called ghettos. They continued to add to these ghettos with Jews they removed from conquered territory on the fronts of the war they were fighting. Later, they began executing Jews on the streets through mobile killing units. The Nazis then quickly transferred from shooting with guns to murdering them with gas (Zyklon-B in particular). This entire process of the mass execution of the Jews is referred to as the “Final Solution,” or “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” The name “Final Solution” was used by the Nazis as one of their many euphemisms, so as to disguise the true nature of their ambitions (“Final Solution”: Overview). The “Final Solution” is the overarching idea behind the Holocaust and is what ultimately drove the Nazis in their anti-Semitic craze.
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