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People often wonder why the Jews were hated so much and why they were a target to the holocaust or why the holocaust had happened. Well that is an easy question to answer. Many people hated the Jews. Some hated them just because of their race. But there is one specific person that hated the Jews. His name was Adolph Hitler. He was the number 1 person in the world that hated the Jews. But the thing is Hitler is a Jew himself. Jews were a target of the holocaust because Hitler hated them for all the reasons in the world. He also blamed them for the loss of World War 1 in Germany. Hitler had told the Germans that they could win World War 1 if they did not get “stabbed in the back” by the Jews. So the main question is, how Hitler’s hate of the Jews started a superior race.
Hitler hated the Jews for all the reasons in the world. Some of them are for no reason at all. But it was mostly because the Germans lost World War 1 to the Jews. Hitler’s hatred on the Jews was called “anti-Semitism”. Hitler’s Jewish hatred led to reasons why the holocaust was started and how the holocaust claimed 6 million lives. Also how the Jews were involved in the holocaust and what they’re role was in the holocaust. We don’t understand why he hated the Jews if he was a Jew himself and the was rumors that his mom was a Jew also. But there are beliefs that he wanted to be the last Jew alive and he said that he would kill the Jews is he had to. .
Of the nine million Jews that resided from the holocaust about two thirds were killed. Over one million Jewish children were killed in the holocaust. Hitler was harsh to the Jews he hurt peoples family’s by killing they’re family members. Putting them in jail for no reason. Hitler had killed many Jews in his life time...

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...s they would be tortured and whipped. But they were bairly whipped. Also if they did not obey they would break there arms and legs.
Between 1933 and 1945, nazi Germany established about 20,000 camps to imprison its many millions of victims called jews. These camps were used for a long range of purposes including hard labor. There were many jews in the camps some were beaten and tortured by wooden sticks and whips. Some had to ride in trucks to the camps that smelled horrible and many jews had died in the trucks on there way to the camps. There was about 9 million jews in the camps total.
So there was some hard times from world war on to world war 2 for the jews. There families were killed in war killed by hitler and the Nazis and they were torture and beaten with sticks by hitler. They were put in camps and they barley had any food to eat and no drinks to drink.
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