Prayer - The Most Important Part of our Life

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We need to look at prayer with deeper thoughts. Prayer isn’t just closing your eyes, folding your hands and speaking. Prayer is a much more meaningful part of religion. We all need to pray, God himself demands us to pray. Prayer is defined as an act of God, a god or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving. When most people pray, they just say the same prayer, like the Lord’s prayer for example. Saying the same prayer isn’t really such a bad thing, its more about the meaning and the time that you spend praying. Prayer shouldn’t just be looked at as a routine or habit, but as more of a love poem to express ones self to God. Questions such as: why do we need to pray? What is this prayer?, and What does God command us to pray for? Are what we should be asking ourselves before we come to God in prayer.

Prayer is a very important action in all of us as Christians. We should know why we pray and why it is important. We should also know that prayer cant just come from our mouths but from our hearts as well. Our affections cling to self and to worldly objectives; our prayer cannot rise above their level no matter what words we use. In Luke 11:1 it says “ Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” we should be taught to pray either from the church or from the people around us. Taught in a sense of listening, not actually taking lessons on it. We need to pray because prayer is the most important part of the thank...
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