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  • Understanding Crime Through Routine Activities Theory

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    III. Summarization of Routine Activities Theory A. Definition of routine activities approach. According to Cohen and Felson (1979), routine activities approach relies on three main conditions to rationalize crime. These conditions need to coincide in the same space and time in order for a crime to occur: a motivated offender, suitable target and the absence of capable guardians to deter crime. The authors utilized human ecological theory to examine social structure, and how such coincidence takes

  • Routine Routines

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    Routine. It means a sequence of actions regularly followed, or a fixed program. It does not mean unusual, abnormal, irregular, strange, or uncommon. We can all view routine as the dictionary definition, yet to me, it means more. It is order and organization. I define routine as simple, necessity, and never forgotten. We all have routines even if we are unable to notice them as they are. They fill our mornings and nights, day by day. Forgetful people, similar to me, can find it challenging to form

  • Cabaret

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    'How do the cabaret songs and routines comment on the social issues which are the background for the story of Cabaret?' Satirical on every level, Bob Fosse's 1972 film Cabaret redefines the previously accepted genre of the musical. Using the songs and routines as cunning tools of social commentary the musical numbers both predict and interpret the world of Berlin in 1931. The opening routine, 'Wilkommen', is a powerful introduction to the opposing worlds of the protagonists Brian and Sally and

  • The Process of Baseball Season Preparation

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    the first step I use in preparing for the upcoming season. There are a few different techniques I use to work on my swing. The first way is to take hitting lessons. I learn much of my knowledge about hitting from taking hitting lessons. My usual routine consists of taking lessons three times a week. This allows me to be evaluated by a professional. I took hitting lessons from the same coach for five straight years. His teachings have helped me become a much better hitter. Another way I develop my

  • My Dad Raped Me

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    me while I was doing something in the kitchen, he just wrapped his arms around me, hugging me, whispering in my ear. How I was his girl. How he loved me. Again and again until routine. Then one day his hands slid under my top as he stood behind me. That's all. Just rested there against my bare skin. This became the routine after that. Over and over. Once that was a usual occurrence, the hands attempted to rise to my breasts. I resisted, not knowing why really, just instinctively knowing he shouldn't

  • The Non-Sympathetic Character of Byelinkov in The Man in a Case

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    hard to sympathize with a person who has a complete lack of happiness in their life.  In Wendy Wasserstein's The Man in a Case, Byelinkov lives a dull, uneventful life, which only he is content with.  He performs the exact same routine every day and has rendered this routine almost his entire life.  Byelinkov's tedious life is expressed throughout the play by way of comments made to Varinka, as well as through his daily habits and rituals. Byelinkov is a Latin and Greek teacher at the local school

  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest – The Movie

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    what he pleases, is associated with the mental ward patients, whose lives are completely controlled by their nurses and their routines.  McMurphy and the patients have a significant effect on each other. The mental ward and the world that McMurphy comes from are completely different.  The mental ward is completely based on rules.  The patients' lives are based on the routine that their nurse, Nurse Ratched, has established for them.  Nurse Ratched believes that the rules she sets for the patients

  • Thornton Wilder's Our Town

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    Thornton Wilder's Our Town Our Town is play written a while ago, but it relates to any time. Showing that routine is a part of everybody’s life. No matter what day and age you live in your going to have a routine. This play shows an example of two families and their daily routines. The whole play relates to routine even the different acts. Our Town takes place in Grover’s Corner, New Hampshire around the turn of the century. (1900’s). This play uses a lot of flashbacks. There’s one with George

  • Rainman

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    thinks that Raymond is stupid so he yells at him a lot. Charlie leads Ray away from Wallbrook with him, while the fight for the money continued. Charlie doesn’t think of anyone but himself and doesn’t understand that someone with autism needs a routine. This routine is all they have to try to feel safe about themselves. This is shown when Charlie is ordering dinner and the takeaway store does not have what Raymond wants so Charlie says, “bring the closest thing”. Charlie doesn’t here peoples needs,

  • Waiting For Godot and the Theater of the Absurd

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    comedy routine. A day in the life of two hapless companions on a country road with a single tree. Beckett accomplishes two things by using this style of comedy. Comedy routines have a beginning and an ending. For Godot the routine begins at the opening of the play and ends at the intermission. Once the routine is over, it cannot continue. The routine must be done again. This creates the second act. The second act, though not an exact replication, is basically the first act repeated. The routine is put

  • The Extermination of Mankind in On the Beach by Nevil Shute

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    a blinder or shield from the characters near termination by exercising the same routine that was typical behavior previous to the discernment of the soon-coming apocalypse. Thus, the characters in On the Beach find salvation and consolation through work by using it as an illusion of desired normalcy in midst of disordered chaos. Peter especially understands the necessity of maintaining consistency in everyday routine not solely for his own sanity; but in order to create the illusion of normalcy to

  • George Carlin

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    success until the mid-70s when he re-invented his image and adopted a less conventional, somewhat vulgar comedy routine. Carlin’s scripted monologues began to represent his disillusioned attitude toward the world in which explored the highly sensitive issues of Vietnam and the right to free speech. In July of 1972, Carlin was arrested for violating obscenity laws after his infamous routine “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” As a self-professed atheist and avid cocaine user, his adversaries

  • Murray Shisgals The Typists

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    The play by Murray Shisgal, The Typists, is about two people who work during their lifetime at a firm, typing the addresses of prospective customers. Through their speeches we see that the play talks about hopelessness, routine and fear of change. Most of the character’s motives are explained through the Freudian concept of superego, or, in other words, the part of people’s psique which is related to discipline, judgment of the society, guilt, pride, self-discipline and self- punishment. In this

  • National Tv Turnoff Week

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    amazing the outside world is and spend more time there than in their homes? North America is made up of a society where everybody owns at least one television set. It is one of the most used appliances in the household and watching it daily has become routine for most. It would be almost impossible to stop this activity cold turkey. Taking away the television would be like taking away milk from a baby. Without the television people would be deprived of entertainment. It is too expensive to go out these

  • Health in America

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    improvise a workout as they go. In order to create an exercise routine that will ensure fitness, there are fundamental steps you must follow. Although not all people are looking for the same results, these basic steps will help anyone wishing to become a healthier person. A good workout begins long before you enter the weight room. There are basic habits that may help improve your health and your workout. The first and most important routine you must get involved in is eating healthy. A diet high

  • The Good and Bad of R.A.T. Theory.

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    and Bad of R.A.T. Theory. Why do people commit crime? It depends on who you ask and how you look at it, also what you define crime as. There are many theories out there about why people commit crime. One of these theories is Routine Activities Theory. Routine activities theory was first articulated in a series of papers by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson. Crime and victimization involve the intersection of three factors: targets, guardians, and motive. The following quote gives a description

  • Macon's Change in Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist

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    feels he will find happiness by going through a scheduled routine everyday. Struggling to accomplish anything on his own, Macon returns to his childhood home to further simplify his life. Hoping to find comfort with his siblings, Macon enters into their life of order and isolation from the world. The regular routines he now possesses still can't bring the happiness he so dearly desires. Unable to find happiness in his regular routine, Macon's biggest fear, a change, is ultimately what brings

  • John Steinbeck’s The Chrysanthemums

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    But the peddler, who is just trying to find something to fix-up for money, sparks a vigor in Elisa, and she suddenly gains interest in everything he says, as benign as it may be. This peddler, who merely altered Elisa’s routine, has immediately altered her life. The change in routine is the first in many years for her...

  • Is This Really Happening To Me?

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    bright early morning at around 7:00 A.M. I woke up. After waking up I proceeded to use the restroom then took a shower. After showering I then ate breakfast then began to brush my teeth and got dressed for school. Finally, I was done with my morning routine and then I headed out for my day at school. On my way to school I followed the speed limit to avoid getting a ticket. When I got to school I proceeded to go to my first class which is Sociology. When class was let out I went to the quad where I smoked

  • One Day at Work

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    old routine. Get up, eat breakfast, find my work vest, get dressed, leave. White polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Little red PharMor vest. Every single day. No variation, no chance for change or creativity. When working somewhere as mundane as a grocery store, you almost pray that something exciting happens to you during the day. But never does a cashier hope to encounter a tremendously irascible customer, the way that one summer day turned out for me. I followed my humdrum routine, arriving