Devotion Essays

  • Song of Solomon Essay: Devotion and Protection

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    Devotion and Protection in Song of Solomon Song of Solomon is a novel written by Toni Morrison. As research is done further, into the bible, the title refers to a book from the Old Testament. A major theme of the book in the bible is love. It is about honor and loyalty. This is similar to the theme of love and protection in the book by Toni Morrison. Three female characters that portray this best are: Pilate, Ruth, and Magdalene called Lena. In the book, they are women that try to protect the people

  • Devotion in Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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    Devotion in A Worn Path In "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty an elderly African American woman named Phoenix Jackson picks a cold December day to make yet another perilous journey to a city to get medicine for her ailing grandson. On the way this ninety-year-old woman faces many obstacles, both natural and man-made. Phoenix draws upon her perseverance and willingness to sacrifice herself to help her throughout her journey, but it is the undying love for her grandson that truly guides and drives her

  • Pepsi and Heineken Commercials: Promoting American Devotion and Compassion

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    Pepsi and Heineken Commercials: Promoting American Devotion and Compassion Today’s commercials cloud the viewers’ brains with meaningless ritzy camera angles and beautiful models to divert viewers from the true meaning of the commercials. The advertisers just want consumers to spend all of their hard-earned money on their brand of products. The “Pepsi” and “Heineken” commercials are perfect examples of what Dave Barry is trying to point out in his essay, “Red, White and Beer.” He emphasizes

  • Use Of Love And Religious Devotion In William Blake's My Pretty Rose Tree

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    Love and Religious Devotion in William Blake’s “My Pretty Rose Tree” “My Pretty Rose Tree” by William Blake A flower was offered to me; Such a flower as May never bore, But I said, “I’ve a Pretty Rose-tree,” And I passed the sweet flower o’er. Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree, To tend her by day and by night. But my Rose turned away with jealousy,And her thorns were my only delight. Initially, William Blake’s “My Pretty Rose Tree” reads as uncomplicated verse, but in reality

  • Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion

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    Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion Originally released in 1993, Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion was unveiled to a stunned U.S. and U.K. audience. The band had undergone a transformation of truly Gothic proportions. Gone were the short crew cuts, the sole use of synthesizers, and the Gap image. In its place were long and flowing Jesus-like hair, distorted guitars and full drum sections, and a look that some described as the "heroine junky" mode. Much to the surprise

  • In John Donne's 'Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions'

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    can display humility is through being aware of their world and surroundings. John Donne, author of Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, teaches and sheds light upon this subject. In his “Meditation 17”, he expresses his concern for the world and his surroundings. For instance, he states that when “a child [is baptized in the Catholic Church], that action concerns

  • Meaning Of Devotion

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    What is devotion? Is the dictionary definition the correct definition to explain everything? The Merriam Webster dictionary states the definition that is well known to be, “a feeling of strong love or loyalty: the quality of being devoted: the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose”. It also gives many examples of devotions like, “how devotion can be seen in prayer, worship, or other religious activities that are done in private rather than in a religious service”. Nevertheless

  • Self and Devotion

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    In this paper I am looking on depiction of "self" in the Upanishads and the Baghavad Gita focusing on "self" and "devotion". In the Upanishads, two concepts of Brahman and Atman are used to refer to the self. Identity of Brahman and Atman is stated in Isha Upanishad.6 and Mandukya Upanishad.2. Brahman is the self in everyone and in all. It can be felt by each one of us as Atman. Atman is our own inner truth and is very different from ego which indicates no metaphysical entity. Atman is not born and

  • Christopher Columbus vs. Alvez Nunez Cabeza de Vaca

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    Columbus’ and de Vaca’s purposes to compose letters are quite divergent. Christopher Columbus’ main objective in his Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage, was to list his unnoticed accomplishments, justly sufferings, and devotion in order for the monarchs to save him. He had his heart set on Ferdinand and Isabella’s pity to obtain their permission to go to Rome and other places of pilgrimage. In Columbus’ “Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage,” Columbus

  • Comparing Homer's Odyssey and Everyday Life

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    all of us as The Odyssey. The Odyssey is a test of human devotion and trust through the gods, the mortals, and the obstacles through which they venture. No matter where they go or what they do, humans are tested for certain characteristics everyday of their lives, whether they realize it or not; and The Odyssey is just one of those many miraculous tests. The gods inflict a numerous amount of pain upon Odysseus for these tests of devotion and trust. Athene, the daughter of Zeus, happens to be a

  • Religious Paths

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    Hinduism from the perspective of four patterns of transcendence (ancestral, cultural, mythical and experiential) it is interesting to see how each pattern found its dominance over four segments of Hinduism: Vedic sacrifice, the way of action, the way of devotion and the way of knowledge. When Hinduism originated as a religion it was mainly concerned with sacrifices for ancestors. The sacred texts - called the Vedas - on which Hinduism was based were the main root of the many different branches of Hindu

  • Father Solanus Casey

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    similarities between him and Jesus. Father Solanus believed in a life of heavy worship. From the time he was a little boy to the time he died he prayed more than once daily. He held the belief that he would be sustained throughout his life by rosary devotion to Mary. Sometimes, during his life at the monastery, Fr. Solanus would fall asleep on the chapel floor while praying. Fr. Solanus believed praying helped him realize God's wonderful gifts and everlasting plans for us. Father Solanus did his best

  • Not All is Cheerless, Dark and Deadly in Shakespeare's King Lear

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    negative ones. As A.C. Bradley notes: There is in the world of King Lear the same abundance of extreme good as of extreme evil. It generates in profusion self-less devotion and unconquerable love.2 The play contains a cluster of characters that are unequivocally good. Kent, for instance, is a paradigm of devotion. In Act I.I he is publicly insulted and humiliated. In spite of Lear's threats, Kent remains determined to serve his master, even braving the storm to be near him. Cordelia

  • Buddhism and Christianity in the same light

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    A community, a system of belief, a tradition and a way of life- Catholicism and Theravada Buddhism are all of these and many more. There are many affinities between Theravada Buddhism and Catholicism, but each tradition is marked with its own unique origins. Thus it is valuable to explore Buddhist rituals, practices, ethics and morals comparatively to those Catholic, but equally important to examine those features that are uniquely their own religion. Every religion that strives to achieve its own

  • Singapore by author Mary Oliver

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    the passion with which we do our job. Human body is a very sophisticated machine created by God himself. It can do all sorts of things but there are a few things at which the human body gets very perfect.And that perfectness comes from practice, devotion,love,sincerity and responsibility towards that particular thing. Let me associate the word "thing" in the previous sentence as working. Working for living. Reason I chose to write on this topic was that the Poem " Singapore" written by author Mary

  • Orthopraxy In Islam

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    practice of prayer (salat). With that the religion of Islam itself is based in the methodical movement through which Muslims show their devotion to Allah. The prayer begins with the devotee standing, bending slowly into a sitting position and ending in full prostration. Bowing fully onto the ground is a practice that shows humility and represents the true devotion of members. Practice-centered religion differentiates itself from “orthodox” religion in that it focuses primarily on ritual practice,

  • The Great Gatsby and the Great Depression

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    market's "devotion" to buyers faltered, stockholders began selling as fast as they could.  In turn, this rapid selling of stocks lead to the crash in 1929.  Gatsby, like a stockholder put all of his "wealth" into Daisy.  She was his only hope to escape his "impoverished" past, so Gatsby was left with no choice but to put all of his money into her (like the people of the twenties did with the stock market).  When Gatsby and Daisy confronted Tom in the city that hot summer day, Daisy's devotion to Gatsby

  • The Great Scripture of Hinduism

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    Upon the reading of chapters 1-6 of the Great Scripture of Hinduism, The Bhagavad Gita (the 'Lord's Song';), I am completely and utterly fascinated. The story's emphasis on selfless acts, devotion, and meditation is like no other I have ever encountered before. Through the narration of Sanjaya and the conversation of Sri Krishna (Vishnu incarnate) and Prince Arjuna, the principles of Hinduism are eloquently illustrated. In this story, the Lord Vishnu, whose duty it is to protect the universe from

  • Men of Respect and Macbeth

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    Macbeth In 1991, William Shakespeare’s great play “Macbeth” was re-created into a modern day version titled “Men of Respect.” Was the plays textual fidelity lost in transition during the making of the film, or did the film show total loyalty and devotion to the text and the feelings of the play? A closer examination of the characters/lines, classification between good and evil, and the use of light and dark will compare the many differences and similarities between William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

  • Book Review of "The Things they Carried"

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    important to the narrator. In his time near the Canadian border, he has much time for self reflection. That self reflection seemed to be something very necessary for Lt. Jimmy Cross. While there, he discovered that devotion to his family, his hometown, and his country was stronger than devotion to his own mora...