Critical Review of E.M. Bounds Power Through Prayer

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Critical Review of E.M. Bounds Power Through Prayer

E.M. Bounds wrote a wonderful book devoted to prayer entitled Power Through Prayer. This book encourages the preacher to become a true prayer warrior. E.M. Bounds has written many books on prayer, encouraging Christians to devote their life to prayer. Since the writer is coming from a preacher background himself, one can clearly see the passion he has for prayer in his life. Fellow preachers will hopefully be encouraged by this and want to devote their life to prayer, so that they will better their preaching. Bounds exemplifies through his work that preaching has no power without prayer. He also sets forth the idea that prayer is the life-giving force behind our work for God. In reading this book, it inspires one to pray more and be able to be more effective in their ministry.

In the beginning of the book, Bounds expresses that we depend on God just as much as he depends on us. Our relationship with Christ is simple, but requires a lot of communication. He shows why it is so important to be in communication and prayer with Christ when preparing a sermon. Bounds says that, "Prayer is the mightiest weapon." (p. 46) What he means by this is that prayer gives life and force to all. He goes on to talk about how a true ministry is of God, and how this ministry can be most effective if we are in communication with God.
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