Positive Effects Of Dance

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Positive Effects of Dancing
Paige Arden once said, “Dance isn’t something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced.” Dance, a performing art that participants of all ages and ethnicities can participate in. Dance is important because it keeps students as well as participants active, on their feet and energized. Dancing teaches students to explore different dancing techniques, try new activities, and retain better listening skills. Dance could be fun if the students make it fun. Through dance, dancers can learn teamwork and improvisational skills. Students should join dance because it occupies a multitude of positive effects on physical and mental health.
Dance incorporates several mental health benefits. Dancers improve their learning
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Those who participate in dance find that “moving your body has plenty of health benefits both mentally and physically. Dancing is one of the best activities for working both your body as well as your mind” (“Reasons for Dancing”). When a student dances, they are constantly moving their body, resulting in the burning of calories. Dancing works out all of the major muscles in the body. Dance is also known as a cardio exercise, stimulating the heart rate as well as the breathing rate. Dancers find that ballet burns more calories than any other dance style. The faster the dance pace, the higher number of calories burned. When a participant dances he or she should feel the tightening up of the muscles around the back, spine, arms, hips and stomach area of the body. Dancers experience improvement in their posture, coordination and…show more content…
Dancing uplifts someone's mood causing them to sustain a better day. Dancers and participants frequently smile while participating in dance because they are having fun and it feels great. Some dancers like to dance because they can be creative when participating in dance. Dancing can be fun because you can experience numerous styles of dancing, including but not limited to waltz, tango, tap dance, ballet,break dance and street jazz. For some dancers, dancing can be a different experience for them because they feel as though they’ve found a new love and feel joy about dancing. Participants in dance feel that dance is fun because they may be themselves and express themselves through dancing. They believe they are not typical standard type, they are more open and true to themselves. The better the dancers get on a dance, the more fun they have because, then, they don’t have to worry so much about the dance moves but just focused on performing and having fun. Dancers who enjoy music, have fun because they undergo the excitement and just dance freely.
Dance overall can be good for mental and physical health. Dancing causes dancers to develop new skills such as timing, if they miss a step the whole dance can be thrown off. Dancing has plenty to do with performing. Dancers have an audience and they have to keep them entertained. Dance can help participants concentrate and see things from another point of view.dancers can use these
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