The Importance Of Dance

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Dance has different definitions for each individual. For some it may symbolize beauty, perfection, and struggles amongst many others. The dance movement themselves can be executed in various ways (Ferrufino & Coubard, 2012). Not everyone performs the same exact way there are a variety of different ways to perform and that is what makes dance so special. From those precisely choreographed in advanced to those created on impulse or on the spur of the moment all dances require exploration and creativeness (Ferrufino & Coubard, 2012). Every person who watches choreography by Lizzie MacKenzie is probably surprised that she is not as well known as other choreographers (Nevin, 2013). However, she is identified as an exceptional dancer as well as for her many guest appearances in high profile social events (Nevin, 2013). She is also recognized as the founder and artistic director of Extensions Dance Company, which is one of the most successful and respected dance companies in the country (Nevin, 2013). When MacKenzie choreographs she focuses on delivering spectacularly rich performances. She has the ability to combine and create beautiful and engaging movement designs with an unusually effective understanding of concert dance architecture (Nevin, 2013). The audience is able to see the beauty each dance imposes. She is able to capture the audience with every dance and take them on a beautiful journey. She is also thoughtful in everything she does, but especially in anything that deals with any type of human connection, which is one of the many reasons why she is so successful as a teacher (Nevin, 2013). With her thoughtfulness and new ideas she is also open to learning and embracing new possibilities (Nevin, 2013). She is not just open t... ... middle of paper ... ... focus. The dancers execute techniques and moves that are absolutely graceful and beautiful. The moves flow nicely from one to another. Towards the end of the dance all of the dancers begin to fade away into the darkness of the stage except for three of the dancers. After some time, each dancer begins to dance back into the spotlight to join the other dancers. They do not come all at once but instead one by one. This dance has a lot of shadows because of the way the stage is lit up. The dancers’ white tights have a purpose, they are meant to stand out in the dark and demonstrate that the dancers are still a part of the dance. Within the dance there are some small stunts. The dancers pick up other dancers and pose them in the air for a small amount of time. At the very end, the dancers return to their positions on the ground just like from the beginning of the dance.

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