Pompey the Great

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Over the years, there have been many heroes who have changed the world and our way of thinking. One of these many people was known as Pompey the Great. Although he stared his military career early he gained the respect of his people and was known for his great war tactics and politics. Through his many battles and political career, Pompey proved to be one of the greatest leaders of all time. Formally known as Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, Pompey The Great was born on September 29,106 BC. His father, Pompeius Strabo, was a well-known general and consul. Pompey grew up in a wealthy family. His father, being an Italian provincial, gave him many opportunities. Strabo was a supporter of General Sulla and campaigned throughout Sicily and Northern Africa. He died at the hand of the plague in 87 BC in the time of the first Marian Sullan war, but not before the young Pompey would receive his fathers military knowledge.1 Pompey being left without much political guidance or experience had to start from the bottom of the political ladder. Although his fathers death brought a great deal of sadness, Pompey inherited his families land and as it seems his fathers legions.2 Pompey, like his late father, would also be a supporter of General Sulla, however, this proved to be a key part in his uprising. Sulla would eventually campaign again in Sicily and Africa where Pompey would prove himself of the name Magnus, meaning The Great.3 1 Seager, 5 2 Goldsworthy, 1 3 Goldsworthy, 1 In 71 BC, Pompey returned to Rome from the West. He helped Crassus to defeat Spartacus.4 This demonstrated how Pompey was a great general, and in 70 BC, he and Crassus were both elected consul.5 Meanwhile, piracy in the Mediterranean had been an ever-growing problem ... ... middle of paper ... ...ure of what to do, had requested to see him. While his two advisors and one of Pompeyʼs men escorted him, under Ptolemyʼs order, they struck him down and killed him. His body was left on the beach while his head was to be presented to Caesar. He was killed on the eve of his 59th birthday, September 28, 48 BC.10 Pompeyʼs supporters had betrayed him to take the side of Caesar. Caesar, in return, had them killed for their treachery.11 9 Seager, 178-182 10 Seager, 184 11 Goldsworthy, 2 Pompey lived an extraordinary life. His story has echoed throughout history. He was a great man who started from almost nothing, rose through the ranks to the height of pride, fame and glory only to fall from power and influence to be murdered by the treachery of his allies. Pompey will always be remembered as one of the greatest generals and leaders of all time.

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