Pollolution: Heavy Metal Pollution

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Heavy Metal Pollution
By/Diar Alrubayee

Pollution is one of the most ignored concepts in the modern world. It is a topic that often gets forgotten by talk of conservation, sustainability, climate change and energy issue, perhaps, because it is a complex subject with lots of sources and lots of effects. In spite of the fact, that pollution is one of the biggest global killers. At the same time, it can be solved in our life time, and the solutions are relatively low-cost. There are some major substances that may cause pollution, such as: Nutrients, Pesticides, Heavy metals, and suspended solids.
Heavy metals are widely-used components for chemical compounds in industry. Industrial polluted land can be a source of heavy metals discharge into the environment. They also can be found naturally in soils at low concentrations. They exist in Chemicals, fuel, batteries, and waste materials. Most of the heavy metals can be poisonous to humans, plants, and animal at high concentrations due to information of complex compounds inside the cell. The heavy metals differ from the organic pollutants, they cannot be bio degraded. They persist indeterminately and cause pollution of water, soil, and air. It is important to know more facts about the heavy metals, the problems presented by disposal and recycling of heavy metals, their dangerous effects, and their containing products. Many studies show that the main hazards to human health from heavy metals are associated with exposition to lead, mercury, and cadmium.
According to many resources, in general, Heavy metals can be defined as any metallic chemical component that has a relatively high density and is toxic at low concentrations. For thousands of years, they have been used in many different ...

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...ming in contact with, limiting exposure by following safety procedures and wearing the required protective equipment, practicing proper skin and hand hygiene before leaving workplace. Furthermore, exposure to pollutant metals can also be reduced by understanding the sources of metal exposure and adopting strategies to contact with them. First, everyone should be familiar with symptoms of toxicity and first aid procedures for ingestion of substances containing toxic metals, read product labels and know its potential hazardous, take advantage of established disposal programs and facilities for discarding metal-containing waste, and finally avoid mercury amalgam dental fillings to reduce mercury exposure.

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