Land Destruction

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Land Destruction

What is land destruction? Land destruction involves many different things. It can be logging of trees and rain forest. Nuclear waste is one that is very serious that is harmful to the land. As well, pollution, air, water and land all do damage of some kind. Land destruction is something that doesn’t need to be taking lightly. There are many other items such as building and dams that cause damage to the land as well. This is a topic that needs to be addressed and fixed. All of this items listed above are dreadful to the land. Land destruction needs to be stopped and taken care of before it goes to far to stop.

Pollution is something that is everywhere. It is a subject that affects the way of life across the world. “The causes of pollution in the region include agricultural practices, mining, and household and industrial activities that generate waste streams into water, air, and land systems.” (Zurick, 1) Causes of pollution vary from what they are to what they do the land. Chemicals are one type of pollution that does serious harm to the land. “World sales in chemical products have multiplied nine times since 1970, increasing from 171 billion dollars to 1500 billions in 1998.” (Industrial, 1) This meaning that there are more chemicals out there to do more damage to the land. “Among the most polluting products are heavy metals - for example, mercury inside batteries, lead in gasoline - and pollutants made from oil (plastic…).” (Industrial, 1) There are many cars around the world that need gasoline to run as well as batteries to make the automobiles go where they need to go. “One battery containing mercury thrown into nature pollutes 400 liters of water and one third of land during 50 years....

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... keep down the waste. As well as replanting trees after logging takes place. We need to get land destruction under control before it become to much, and our land becomes overrun with dirt and pollution and it can not be used for anything. The land damage needs to be stopped now, and help keep the world in good shape so the future generations will have land to enjoy!

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that land destruction involves logging of trees and rain forest, nuclear waste, pollution, air, water, and land all do damage of some kind.
  • Explains that pollution affects the way of life across the world, from agricultural practices, mining, and household and industrial activities.
  • Explains that contamination of the land is one type of destruction that sometimes there is no control of it. chernobyl in the ukraine was a big nuclear waste dump that did harm not just to land, but to the people.
  • Explains that the logging of trees and forests is detrimental to the land. trees have many different purposes, such as stability and stability.
  • Explains that paper towels or pizza boxes accumulate in landfills, causing a massive amount of waste, which contaminates the land and ground water.
  • Explains that dams regulate water levels and help with flooding, but they also cause land destruction. dams alter the chemical, physical, and biological processes of river ecosystems.
  • Analyzes how large dams, like those in colorado, have contributed to huge declines in anadromous fish.
  • Concludes that land destruction isn't something to be taken lightly. land destruction comes in many varieties and has different side effects.
  • Cites young reporter for the environment's article 'industrial pollution'.
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