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Students who play sports experience many more benefits that make them a more well rounded person than students who do not. It not only provides many physical benefits, but also tons of mental benefits as well. I have been involved in baseball since the age of three and can definitely visualize these benefits compared to non-student athletes. The benefits of playing sports include valuable life lessons, social skills, and future employment. First, playing sports teaches students many valuable life lessons such as responsibility and a hard work ethic. Responsibility is a very crucial in life, and people use it everyday Responsibility ties into a student’s academics because a student needs to have responsibility to do well in school. According to Dr. David Geier, playing sports can actually increase success in the classroom. Numerous tests prove that athletes have higher GPA’s, higher standardized test scores, better attendance, fewer dropouts, and a better chance of going to college (Geier, D. 2012). Owning up to a mistake also falls into the category of making a mistake. When a student fails while playing a sport, he learns to face the fear of admitting he made an error. The second valuable life lesson playing sports teaches is a hard work ethic. “Sports are one of the best places for kids to learn the importance of practice and determination,” says Grown and Flown. Teammates depend on each other for participation and performance so without everyone working hard, the team will reach their maximum potential (Grown and Flown). A hard work ethic ties into everyday life because without out, a student would never accomplish anything. …show more content…

A hard work ethic is also learned by failing. “Athletics teach a child that winning is never guaranteed and is usually

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