Are High School Sports Good For Kids Essay

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Have you ever thought of what might happen if you take sports away from school students? According to the video Kids and Sports, “A new study from the University of Alberta states that playing sports gives kids confidence.” Sports can either help or hurt students. Too much stress on a kid from the constant pressure on winning may negatively affect a student. In my opinion, the school board should continue funding sports. First and foremost, school sports help with educational values. In Are High School Sports Good for Kids?, it states, “Moreover, school sports are justified because of their potential educational benefits. For example, the mission statement of the National Federation of State High School Activity Associations indicates that it promotes participation and sportsmanship” in an effort to “develop good citizens…show more content…
This means that they push more for their goals. In the text it says, “Not only are school sports justified on educational grounds, but researchers have shown that participation in them and other extracurricular activities have positive effects on adolescents. For example, a multi-year study conducted in Michigan has shown that children who participate in sports have increased educational aspirations, closer ties to school and increased occupational aspirations in youth.” This quote shows that they will push harder to get their dream jobs and goals. There will be more goals set for what they want to be in life. Also, they will work harder in school because of the sports. Overall, school sports will help students positively. In conclusion, school sports have benefited kids. Sometimes, school sports may negatively affect students but mostly benefit them. Sports will assist them in an educational and a positive way. Kids will be more open minded on what they want to be or where they want to go. Sports will also develop their learning experience and satisfactory

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