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Are high school sports beneficial or not for students? I personally believe if a student is in a high school sport they’re forced to prioritize between school and their sport, and at a young age I believe the student would decide to use his time to improve in his sport instead of school. Which in the long run would affect his academics, unless they decide to stay up late and work on their homework to keep up with both school and their sport. But, even like that in time the lack of sleep would catch up to them, and cause them to do even worse in both academics, and sports. High school sports are like the lotto in my opinion, many play but only a few get rewarded for their work. Therefore, high school sports cause more negativity than positivity. Many would disagree with me and say that high school sports actually have more benefits than negativities for a student. For example a student in sports would be more active which would make them fitter and healthier. A student that in a team sport would make more friends which would improve their social skills and increase their
So, considering that high school sports do give kids an opportunity to expand socially, keep them in shape, and healthy, an opportunity to make many friends, and a shot at getting a scholarship, and making it to the professional level in their sport. But speaking long term the negative effects are more in the sense it could damage a student permanently, from an academic level to a physiological level. Also most of the positive things people would argue aren’t guaranteed to happen or isolate them from the negative effects. But when it comes to the negative side a student would need to go through some of does stages maybe not all but for sure some. To sum it all up, high school sports are more negative on a student than a positive even though people tend to see only the positive things that can come from

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that high school sports are beneficial or not for students because they prioritize between school and their sport. lack of sleep would cause them to do worse in both academics and sports.
  • Argues that high school sports have more benefits than negativities for a student, such as being more active and healthier, having something to after school, and getting scholarships to go to college.
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