Pity in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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The Crucible – Pity

It's shocking how people die for no reason. It was happening in Salem in 1692 for the witch trials. Rebecca Nurse was a woman with good reputation, and because of spectral evidence she was sentenced with death. The only way to escape from death was to accept that she was a witch. This is still happening now. Osama Bin Laden was the reason for 7000 people's death in New York. We have to look at the society of Salem and pity them because of the repressions that made order and freedom imbalanced, as we are going to be pitied some day.

We cannot just feel pity for an individual; we have to feel pity for all who were involved in the Salem witch trials because they were involved in it for the same reason, fear. The people in Salem started the hysteria because of fear.

Abigail William and Betty Parris started this because they were scared of the consequences by being caught dancing in the forest, which was the Devil's house and a sin. When Betty noticed that her dad had seen her she was so scared that she fainted. Betty was pretending that she was fainted for days because she did not want to face any consequences. The other girls did the same thing for fear.

The rumors of witchcraft started because of the ignorance of the Putnams'. We have to feel sorry for people who are ignorant because they do not think how much damage something is going to do. They were so ignorant that even Ann Putnam sent her daughter, Ruth, to invocate her babies' spirits. The Putnams' only wanted more land to get their name recognized. Who we might feel sorry the most is Abby because she would go all the way to get what she wanted without caring if other people got hurt. At first she started using this as a sport but later the fear of being called a witch came up to her and she had to blame other innocent people to save her own life. When she saw that people believed her she was scared to go back on her word and face the consequences, also decided to blame Elizabeth Proctor to take her place.
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