Rosalyn Schanzer's Witches: The Salem Witch Trials

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677 words

In Rosalyn Schanzer’s Witches! The Absolutely True Disaster in Salem, the author discusses how the Salem Witch trials started and how the Puritans believed the witches should be tortured or killed for being a witch. Many people were accused of being witches. Many people thought the accused should die but some were somewhat nice and didn’t think they should die just in prison. Every puritan believed them because the dad was a reverend and everyone believed him so they all accused people. The causes of the Salem Witch Trials were disease, revenge, and attention. In the book, one of the causes of the Salem Witch Trials was disease. In Sam Dean’s paper on Bon appetit it says “Cases of ergot poisoning (known as ergotism) were well-documented in medieval Europe, and often caused victims to experience the same symptoms as the “bewitched” Salem girls.” This is showing how crop poisoning caused disease which led to the Parris girls getting sick and having the weird symptoms. On pg 22 it says “He consulted with doctors and tried dosing the girls with every elixir.” This is showing how desperate Parris was to getting his children well again because of the disease. On pg 19 it says “Betty and Abigail began to twitch and choke and contort their bodies into strange abnormal shapes, crouch beneath …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how rosalyn schanzer's witches! the absolutely true disaster in salem explains how the puritans believed that the accused should be tortured or killed for being a witch.
  • Analyzes how sam dean's paper on bon appetit shows how crop poisoning caused ergotism, which led to the parris girls getting sick and having weird symptoms.
  • Analyzes how revenge played a role in the accusations, often the result of harsh feuds and bitter memories. the putnams signed 10 of 18 depositions against rebecca nurse.
  • Analyzes how they wanted attention to be heard in court so that the people would be hung on the gallows for them to die.
  • Concludes that the cause of the salem witch trials was disease, revenge, and attention. the feud with the parris’s and the nurse family caused the revenge part.

So the cause of disease was because of some bad rye grain and it made them think it was witchcraft. Then the feud with the Parris’s and the Nurse family cause the revenge part of the Salem Witch Trials. Then for attention more people went to the hangings and they faked being hurt in the court when a witch walked in all for attention. The significance of the trials were don’t make some stuff up it will kill people and make innocent people die. That is how the Salem Witch Trials were

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