Case Study On Physical Therapy

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This case involved a 53 year old man who sustained a significant tear of his rotator cuff while playing baseball. He underwent surgical repair and was given a referral for physical therapy. The referral was to begin passive ROM 3 times per week for 2 weeks then initiate a supervised home program of active exercise for 2 weeks, and elastic resistance exercises for internal and external rotation every other day for a month. 2 weeks after surgery, he had his first PT visit in a sports medicine clinic that was managed by an athletic trainer (ATC).”
According to American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), “Physical therapists are only professionals who provide physical therapy interventions. Physical therapist assistants are only individuals who
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The patient also told the PT that he had been participating in sports activities even though his physician had advised him to discontinue those activities following surgery.
According to APTA,” Measuring outcomes are an important components of physical therapist practice. They are important in direct management of individual patient care and for the opportunity they provide the profession in collectively comparing care and determining
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Here, PT should evaluate athletic trainer’s functional and manipulation capabilities.
According to APTA,” PT should examine and evaluate the patient or client before delegating acts, tasks or functions be performed by an unlicensed individuals. In addition, PT should provide predetermined procedures and protocols for acts, tasks or function that have been delegated.”(7)
Patient returned the next day still complaining of pain. The PT applied heat, then initiated the exercise program, but the patient could not perform theem to same extent as previously, secondary to pain. Therefore, the PT told the patient to schedule an appointment with his physician. The patient was seen by the MD the next day and an arthrogram performed that revealed a reinjure to the repaired site. And a second surgery repaired the rotator cuff.
According to Michigan Physical Therapy Act(MPTA), “ consult with the health care professional who issued the prescription for treatment if the patient does not show reasonable response to treatment in a time period consistent with the standards of practice as determined by the
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