A Career To Becoming A Physical Therapy

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My major is Kinesiology with a concentration in clinical exercise. This major allows me to become succeed in one of my dreams, which is to become a physical therapist. Physical therapy is a growing career filled with new and up coming research to cure or help prevent injuries and explore new ways to help people recover and get back on their feet when injured.
A physical therapist is a person who is a licensed educated professional in the health field whose main job is to lower pain level and helps redeem mobility hoping to reduce chances of surgery and being on long-term medication With becoming a physical therapist, a person can have a comfortable lifestyle. The salary usually is about $80,000 a year depending on how much experience, location of job, position, and education (American Physical Therapy Association). Usually, lower paid physical therapist get about $55,00 yearly and top paid make more than $112,00 a year. The job out look for physical therapist looks promising. Physical therapists are expected to grow 36% between in 2012 to 2012, which is faster then the average occupations. The numbers of physical therapist in 2012 were 204,200 and there are excepted to jump to 277,700 in 2022. With my generation becoming more active and more competitive in sports, physical therapy services are going to be needed more often. New research is growing for chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity which physical therapist will have to help with mobility issues from these diseases. New medical technology and research is being discovered to help with trauma victims and birth defeats. This allows a increase in rehabilitation care where physical therapists will be highly needed (A Bureau Of Labor Statistics).
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...e branch programs to obtain and get into physical therapy school.
I will still pursue physical therapy even after learning about all of these requirements. When I signed up for this major, I already knew the qualifications and dedication it will take to obtain this profession. There was really nothing I didn’t know before choosing this major because I really got to know the profession before I went to college. In my last few years of high school, I had to take many hours of physical therapy because of an undiagnosed leg injury, which led me to really get to know my physical therapists that worked with me and the profession itself. I am already working towards what is needed to get into graduate school by volunteering when I can and working really hard in my classes. Writing this paper has reinsured me on how I have to stay focus and really keep my eye on my dream.

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