Physical Therapy Essay

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My path to becoming a physical therapist starts with a bachelor's degree. This program will cover a lot of science topics, such as anatomy and pharmacology. After I complete a bachelor's degree program, I won't be qualified to work as a physical therapist until I complete the Doctorate degree program. In a Doctorate degree program, I will get to work in clinical situations, participate in internships and gain the necessary skills needed to become a licensed Physical Therapist. Licensing is done through the state that you wish to work in. If I wish to advance my career and go into teaching or research, I will need to complete a doctoral degree program. Regardless of whether I complete a doctoral program, I will be required to take continuing…show more content…
A few colleges and universities offer dual degree programs that allow students to pursue a bachelor's degree and doctorate degree in an extended period, possibly five or six years. Traditional 4-year programs will prepare students to enter 2-year doctorate degree programs with clinical physical therapy labs, life science courses and statistical and research coursework. To enroll in a physical therapy bachelor's degree program, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Students must submit official transcripts and SAT or ACT scores for evaluation (APTA: VA,2017). A bachelor's degree in physical therapy includes life science, psychology, research methods and social science courses. Courses discuss a wide variety of medical treatments and teach students how to operate in clinical and medical settings like hospitals, physician offices and physical therapy centers. Common courses include: Clinical anatomy and physiology, Muscular and skeletal examination, Health care and insurance systems, Biostatistics research, Physical therapy pathology, Pharmacology, Master of Science in Physical Therapy (American physical therapy…show more content…
Students can also seek management positions in physical therapy or start their own physical therapy practice. Most doctoral degree programs take about three years to finish. To enroll and get accepted into a physical therapy doctoral degree program, students must have a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. Requirements vary by program but personal statements and submission of official transcripts is usually required. In a doctoral degree program, most of the coursework is based on advanced physical therapy research. Students will work on medical dissertations while studying physical therapy case studies and past medical trends in physical therapy. Most programs require students to pass a technical written or oral exam administered by the college's physical therapy department (APTA:
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