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Sex is a very common topic, yet very sensitive when it comes to teens. There are many ways that teens can obtain the wrong information about sex and its consequences. The old myths and misconceptions are the culprits of most teen pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is through sex education that many teen pregnancies and STDs can be avoided. Teens need to be informed about sex and its consequences by professionals. Comprehensive sex education in schools should be available or even mandatory for all teens. It is through education that our teen parent population and STD rate will decrease.
The idea of waiting till marriage to have sex is no longer as effective with teens as it was in the past, due to the outcome of the “sexual revolution liberalizing social and moral attitudes toward sex” (Findley, Sarah, Chelsea Mageland, and Gabriella Pastor). For years the media has promoted sex in music, movies, television shows, and even with people. In the music industry we have many song with hidden sexual content that many teens listen to. For example, the song
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These sex education classes give students correct information about everything teens need to know about sex. “Comprehensive sexuality education is designed to be age and developmentally appropriate” (Myths and Facts about Comprehensive Sex Education). “Experts say that sex education helps prevent teen pregnancy” (“Teen Sex”). We can all agree that teen pregnancy is a major issue in the United States. However, there have been major drops in teen birth rates and a rise in the percentage of teens using condoms and young women on the pill, thanks to more sex educational programs being available. There are more programs and clinics that are willing to help young women by giving them the tools they need in order to take control of their body and
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