Persuasive Essay On Sex Education

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Sex Education Would you want for your child to have some disease or your little girl get pregnant at a young age? Your child not finishing their education for the reason they have no clue about the meaning of sex is. Hence, sex education is something every young child should be aware of for the reason that there are several things they need to know. Sex education is a difficult subject to have with children. Many public schools do speak to students about sex. Although, some parents may find it inappropriate for the school to advise their kids about sex for the reason it is the parent 's job. Speaking to the children about sex will help and prevent problems for their future. When a public school speaks towards the children about sex education,…show more content…
Many schools teach sex education to children. Teaching sex education can help children in many ways as well informing them about what they should do and not do. Many young men and woman start puberty at an early age which is why they should know about sex. As it is stated in the selection, “Sex education has aimed mostly at saving young girls from early sex --- and, therefore ---- from sexually transmitted disease, while preserving the institutions of marriage and family” (Friedman 773). Therefore, for the reason being that many young girls and boys need to be informed about sex education. When a child gets informed about sex they will know that being pregnant at an early age can cause problems as well as getting a disease that can be harmful to the kids. Nevertheless, Calderone claims, “‘She felt that if teens were informed about sexuality they would make responsible choices about sex’” (Calderone 774). Implying that if children know about sex, they would make better choices and use protection while be sexually active. When kids are more informed about sex, they will think smart on the choices they will…show more content…
Sex education will prevent many things for a child’s life, they will be able to be healthy, finish their education and enjoy a social life. Although some parents might find it inappropriate to speak to their children about sex, it is best to inform them before they suffer through problems. A child should be informed by anyone about sex education before they are being sexually active and might end up being pregnant or have some disease being that they were not informed about sex education. Parents should be grateful that the public schools their kids attend inform them about sex, for the reason sex education can inform them as well as preventing them from several
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