Persuasive Essay On Pollution

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In the first semester of college, I was enrolled in a flex dedicated to Biology majors and Kinesiology. So we all had something in common. The concept that I learned most was that humans actually induce pollution themselves. This year we were able to go on a field trip to a location in Los Angeles where there was an oil drill that contaminated the air and everything around it and the residents of the area were blind to it. This then made me want to dig deeper into which ways we pollute our environment and this is what I found. There are about 7 ways in which we induce pollution and that is through air, water, soil, noise, thermal, plastic, and radioactive pollution. Many of us that are uneducated in the environmental sciences do not realize that we are making the Earth’s…show more content…
Air pollution is when some foreign particles enters the air and deteriorate its quality. These particles can be produced naturally or man-made. Examples of air pollution can include volcanic eruptions, dry soil erosion, forest fires, automobiles, manufacturing exhaust, or burning of fossil fuels. As you can see, most of these examples are human caused. According to the national wildlife federation, global warming is human caused. The atmospheric greenhouse effect naturally keeps our planet warm enough to be livable and we are destroying that. It is clear that we are ruining our atmosphere every summer when the temperature is higher than the years prior. Not only are we polluting the air, but we are also polluting the water. We as humans are contributing the most in our ecosystem to things ending this planet. The definition of water pollution is when some foreign particulate, organic, inorganic, or biological impurities are added to the water so that it becomes unfit for use. The way that we contribute to water pollution is by use of automobiles, fertilizers, animal waste, sewage waste, household cleaning products and

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