Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

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Not long ago women were treated unfairly due to the lack of equality laws. Women who were employed were often discriminated against by their employers and society. Today women are gaining equality, however a gender wage gap stills persists. Women are now holding jobs that were once only held by men. However, men are not very open to the idea and they often resent women who are beginning to work the same roles as men. Laws have been established to protect women from any form of inequality, to ensure they are treated equally. Women now have the same opportunities as men, they can vote, join the military, and hold positions in political offices. Society has changed tremendously over the years allowing women to obtain the same equal opportunities and privileges as men.
Many years ago, women were not privileged to the same opportunities as men. With the support of gender equality laws now in place women have the opportunity to pursue the same privileges as men. They now have a voice in politics, they hold jobs typically only held by men, they can enter and work the same military positions, and they are being treated more fairly by society. The 19th amendment was passed in 1919 and ratified in 1920, and granted women the right to vote. …show more content…

There are various laws supporting gender equality to promote equal employment, remove barriers in the workplace, eliminate discrimination, and improve the advancement of gender equality. Samantha Gluck states, “Title VII makes it illegal for employers to exclude qualified women from any available position. Employers would often hire less qualified men for positions to which women had applied. This law empowers women to sue if they feel a potential employer has excluded them from a position based on gender” (1). This is just one of the many laws created to ensure that women receive the same rights and equal opportunities as

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