Diverse Roles of Women in the Renaissance Era

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Throughout the years, rights between both genders has changed and provided women more equally rights similar to men. It took women hundreds of years to gain the same or similar equality as men, and even now there is still inequality in the workplace. Men originally treated women like objects and extremely poorly. It is known that during the Renaissance time period, society was a patriarchal society, in which men were the primary authority. Women were forced to live by rules and standards that were unfair and unreasonable in both the household and in the workplace. Women should have had the same rights as men instead of being treated as a minority and known as incapable for being independent because they did extreme amounts of work that were unrecognized.
In the Renaissance era, freedom of speech was not identified throughout the people and society. This gave men the authority to be superior to women, which was unjust. “ The ideal women was rarely seen and never heard in public: women were expected to be housewives and take care of everything to do with the house.” (Cloud). Women had no opinion or say in absolutely anything. It was uncommon to see women talk or gossip with each other because men did not tolerate it. Women had no right to speak freely or express how they felt. Women had no say or opinion; the masculine sex had power over everything and anything. Most men treated women extremely awful, in other words, they were treated as slaves in their society and relationships. During the Renaissance women wished for equality between genders but the church and society furiously disagreed because they insisted on viewing women as the lower sex. Women did not agree with that because they felt it was unreasonable but there was nothin...

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...but in the work place. Today, man and woman have the same right, can have the same jobs and allowed to live and follow their dreams and goals. Women rights have evolved for the good of society and mankind.

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