The 19th Amendment: Women's Rights To Equality, The Rights Of Equality

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The 19th Amendment In August 18, 1920, the U.S. Constitution Granted U.S. women a right. That was the right of vote. In American history women had no right to vote or be part of government. They were born to be at home and do the house choir and motherhood. They had no right to educate or go out, thus the 19th amendment was approved that gave the women the right to vote (Matthew, 2017). Having the right of votes for women was not easy. It was given to them after years of fighting and struggling, after fighting and protesting so long for their rights they were finally victorious. Women in America were finally given their rights. One of the most important freedom given to women in 19th amendment is their rights. This essay will investigate how women were given the right to be equality, the right to vote and be part of government, and also, how this amendment affected the lives of women. The writers of the 19th amendment wanted to give women equal rights as men. These women were not allowed to get high educations. Some of them were not allowed to get education at all. For those, who …show more content…

The writers of this amendment wanted them to be given the same opportunities as men. During America’s ancient history, women were completely denied. They were not given the key rights given to male. For instance, married women couldn’t own property and they had no legal demand to money they could earn (Matthew, 2017). Even though they had rules and courts, the women whose money was forcefully taken from them by their husbands (or other people), couldn’t sue anyone. Instead, they were blamed for working. Furthermore, women were supposed to be at home and be a house wife, though men could go out and work. Men could also be a part of government and work freely. Women, instead of working had to be source of energy for working by cleaning and cooking for males (Green, 2013). So, women were compelled to have their rights to

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