Persuasive Essay On Frozen Food

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I’m guilty. You’re guilty. We’re all guilty. Whether we do it now or we used to do it, we’ve all had frozen dinners at one point in our lives. If you have not, then you are a very lucky person, and I applaud you. Not only am I talking about eating frozen dinners, but I am talking about eating any type of food that was processed at all. Processed food could range from our frozen dinners to the type food we eat at any fast-food restaurant. The industrialized food industry has somehow crept its way into our everyday eating habits without many us even realizing it. Even as a simple college student, we are, or could, be constantly eating industrialized foods. I’m sure you have heard of the infamous “Freshmen 15”, which is where in your first year…show more content…
A typical first-year college student, as described from research at OSU, often skip meals and lacks the recommended amount of fruit and vegetable intake ("News and Research Communications," 2011). Often students are too busy with their schoolwork to sit down and have a proper meal, and causing them to lean towards the “easy foods”, which is often ramen. Either college students go for the easy option, which is often ramen, or they are constantly eating the wrong type of foods. However, not only are college students doing this but so are many other people, thus creating our horrible culture of eating industrialized foods. I have friends who are in different completely different from Denison. My best friend, Aileen, actually attends the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which has a completely different environment from Denison. She claims, “Urbana is almost like a little city in which we sometimes have to take a bus to get to a class that’s all the way on the other side of campus” (Lopez). Denison is not exactly a city. I like to think of it as more of a community than anything. It doesn’t take long at all for us to get from one side of campus to the other. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know much about the food served at her campus, so I can’t speak much about it but I can still tell you what a college student could do to help in the change. But first let’s learn a little background…show more content…
According to some of my friends, their parents buy more unprocessed and local foods rather than the usual processed foods (Mei, Murray). There could also be children, or teens, whose parents simply don’t allow them to eat at a fast-food restaurant quite often. Unfortunately, according to the table below McDonald’s seems to be the fast-food chain restaurant that is targeting the youth the most (see table 1). Nowadays, many parents tend to take their kids to a fast-food restaurant simply because it’s easier and faster to order food then it is to cook an entire meal (Murray). Not only is eating out, or at least take out, efficient, but it’s also less stressful on the parents. Children can tend to be very picky eaters, well most of them at least. My younger cousin for one refuses to eat anything green, unless it’s a cucumber. As we progress more and more into our culture of industrialized eating, we need to consider what we are risking in the long run. There’s actually many different things that not only college students but the entire population could do to help reduce our risks in the long run. For one, it would be to stop eating so frequently at these fast-food restaurants. I know many of my peers, who I went to high school with, would often go to McDonald’s for breakfast before school started. Fortunately, at Denison, it’s not that common for us to go to McDonald’s for breakfast; probably because the closest one is in the next town
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