Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Euthanasia is a painless killing for people who suffer from a painful disease. People who are ill should have the right to commit suicide. Everyone should have their own option to end their lives because they’re the one who knows how much they could stand. An addition, people who are assisted by a doctor in ending their lives with medical treatment should have that legally available to them. Needless suffering will continue in the US if the laws are not changed to reflect the current changes in medical care. The first argument for euthanasia is that commit suicide should be legal in general because there are people who’s being treated for so long and there’s nothing that could heal them to live longer. Why shouldn’t they allow the patients to choose their lives? So in order for them not to suffer they should have the permission from a doctor to commit suicide. It’s painful for those who wants to end their lives, but it’s more painful if…show more content…
So have them to choose between life and death, is an option and a decision they finally make. However, God will have mercy on those who are ill and suffering from dangerous disease.
Finally, a last opinion held by those who disagree is that they’re completely against assisted suicide and euthanasia because there’re better way to address the needs of people with serious illnesses. Is to surround patients with love, support, and companionship those will heal the patients. Leaving their loved ones will be left alone and blame them selves of what happen to the patients. But opponents are most incorrect in this argument because being alone and not suffering is the solution of death. however, mercy from God will become the first thing the patients will
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