Euthanasia Persuasive Essay Against

Our modern world is full of diseases that are often incurable, making people’s life a living torment, stealing the sense of living and encouraging a person to give up on everything. Even though the medical advances that are offered today are being developed to save a patient’s life or relieve their pain they fail to do so. There is a controversy between two groups those who believe euthanasia should be allowed and those who strongly believe it should be prohibited. Those against euthanasia see a doctor who performs it as a murderer, their believe’s foundation is that there is nobody else other than god who should end a life. ““eu” means good and “thanathous” means death” (Boudreau, et al. 2) Physicians should be allowed by law to prescribe…show more content…
24) Every one of us has the right to choose the route we want our life to take, from the beginning to the end we should be able to do what we believe is best for us. Which is why euthanasia should be legalized to allow suffering human beings die in peace. Whenever a family member is diagnosed with a incurable illness it seems to impact the entire family. Even though it is not the entire family who is ill they all are hurt sentimentally to be notified that there is no way they could save their loved one from passing on. Worst of all to have to be through all the pain the patient undergoes as they are at the point where their book closes. Families are affected whenever their loved one is diagnosed to die through suffering, nobody likes to be in the spot where there is absolutely nothing you can do to relieve them from their pain. Nobody likes the feeling of being dependent on others, especially if they have others to paying their treatments to keep them alive. A loss of function for ones self brings the fear of becoming a burden to family members, thinking that in order to get simple day life activities done they need help all the time depresses them. Being in depression is one of the most common leading factor in just wanting to suicide themselves. Which is why euthanasia is very necessary it will be a legal procedure…show more content…
If a patient is suffering intolerable pain day and night with no way of being cure shouldn’t they be allowed to end their lives by a legal law. Being put through ineffective medical treatments should not be encourage to terminally ill patients persuading them that they will be cure when they will only be prolonging their dying process. A patient who requests to be euthanized from suffering agony should be terminated upon request because it would e inhumane for some one to continue to be in pain. When a patient is at this point in his terminal illness doctors should be allowed to grant their patients whatever they desire to do with their lives. If a patient does not want to go living the suffering lifestyle he is forced to live in to get through a day a doctor can grant the patient their last wish. As human beings we have the right to decide what is best for our own life. If you were in the shoes of a person who is suffering of pain both day and night, would you go along with the therapies’ doctors offer you even though they will not be curing you but stretching your days more of suffering until you finally die. Why would you want to be tied down to a bed with machines all over your entire both just so you can be artificially alive? There is no point on holding onto something that is basically gone already. This is why

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