Persuasive Essay On Deal With Divorce

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Most of us can agree that people as individuals do things out of love. It could be something that is horribly wrong or amazingly right. A lot of people have often done things to just impress someone. Love is a strong feeling to withhold and often hard to explain. Mostly everyone wants to feel loved and if they don’t, they will jump leaps to retrieve it. What about if you found love? Of course, most times you can find love from a family member or a coworker, but what if you found your soulmate? The person you have dreamed of being with. The person you will always brag about. Finding your soulmate is a great feeling to have. Doing all the adorable things like going to the movies, romantic dinners, and lasting hours on the phone just feel so right…show more content…
Most couples will try their hardest to work things out within their marriage, but sometimes divorce can be the best option. You cannot force something to work if it cannot work naturally. This process is more difficult when there are children involved. Most parents do not want a divorce because they do not want to destroy their family. Most families want that ideal household, but no family is that perfect. Sometimes it is best for parents to get a divorce because they do not want a negative vibe in the household. Some children can completely understand while others cannot. That alone can add more stress on a parent. When dealing with divorce, it is important to just give love and support to one another. Parents that are going through divorce would love to have that social support from their children or friends. “However, parents had strong expectations for nurturant, informational, and tangible support from both friends and young adult children” (McManus, T. G., & Nussbaum, J. F., 2011, p. 245). Divorce is a stressor itself. With continuous stressors that are added on, it just makes the process much worse. If parents feel that getting a divorce is the best option, then it needs to be done. At this point, parents have to stop being selfish and just think about what is best for the children. Parents should want nothing but positivity surrounding their children and they will appreciate that in the long…show more content…
A lot of parents become very selfish when dealing with divorce and sometimes that can be a good and a bad thing. When you have children it can be a bad thing because parents should do what is best for the children. For example, if a parent is going through physical abuse from the other parent, then that is a major sign that the parent should leave. It will be hard for the child at first, but the parent knows it will be a better outcome. According to Davis (2011), divorce has helped women and children through obstacles like neglect. Being able to get out of a bad situation is the best solution. It is good when parents get to become happy again and live a better life. It is better for the relationship between both parents and especially for the
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