Divorce: Two is Better than One in a Home

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Divorce is defined as the ending of a marriage by a legal process or a complete separation between two things. (Divorce) Divorce in our generation is becoming a common concept than it was before in other generations. Roughly around fifty percent of people whom getting married in our generation end in a divorce. Statistics prove that two of five children will experience the divorce of their parents before they reach age eighteen. (Matthews) For different reasons, many couples get a divorce, while having children involved. Many, who are getting a divorce, may think of getting a divorce as a positive way or the best way for the child to get out of the negative environment they were in, while their parents were together. Basically, assuming that if the parents are happy, the children would be happy. In reality, divorce is a serious decision to make and affects the child involved in the situation, negatively. Divorce is hard for any person to cope with, let alone a child to go through. During a divorce, the child/children involved are losing the most important relationship in their life from the two most important people in their life, their own mother and father. The two people upon whom the child is dependent are no longer equally accessible to the child and the foundation of the child’s world is splintered. (Gindes) Divorce causes long-term negative impact on the child involved bringing upon emotional, behavior and social issues.
Children, whom are involved in divorce deal with much emotional baggage, which carries along other issues dealing with behavior and social issues. Dealing with divorce is a stressful experience for a child, before it happens and dealing with it after the divorce is finalized. Ongoing parental conflict ...

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