Persuasive Essay On Creatine

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Supplements when it comes to working out are considered performance enhancing drugs. Creatine is one of the most widely used supplements on the market today. Other major supplements are protein, amino acids, and fish oil pills. Essentially, when someone is lifting weights they will take supplements to help build up muscle and to add weight. Ultimately, creatine ends up as water weight. On the back of a creatine label, it clearly states to drink an ample amount of water when consuming. Creatine can be good and bad for the human body, but is taking creatine for the purpose of working out worth the risk? Controversy has surrounded creatine every since it has hit the shelves. Creatine is already produced by our bodies in the liver and kidneys. However, a frequently asked question is: why do we need to take more? The purpose of creatine is to add water weight. When taking the supplement it takes away the water absorbed by our muscles which makes us have to drink even more water. However, when an individual is taking creatine it has to be regulated properly. If too much of the supplement is taken more harm can be done than good. According to Stuart Young, an individual needs to drink a bare minimum of a gallon of water per day to avoid adding harm to our bodies. Young also mentions how too much …show more content…

Primarily lifters and athletes take creatine to get ahead of the competition. In an article written by Nancy Ling, she mentions how in the Olympic games from 1964-1994 Soviet Union powerlifters consumed creatine to get an edge on the competition and had great success from it. ("Creatine? Is It Worth the Risk?"). Also in the article, Nancy stressed the importance of taking the correct amount of creatine because it can help prevent kidney and liver problems. On the other side, consuming creatine can be dangerous if you are prone to having seizures, blood clots, or cardiac

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