Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Women seeking abortions is not a new topic. This has been going on for hundreds of years, whether it was safe or not. Initially, some feminists thought abortion to be unjust because of the danger it put on a woman’s life. According to Lynne Ford, an author from Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics, feminists from this time like Susan B. Anthony, opposed abortion for the sole reason of it endangering women’s lives. Ford states that in 1821 Connecticut enacted the first laws about abortion. However, similar to today, making abortion illegal did not end the practice of them; many illegal abortions were performed then. Women knew about the severe danger and possibility of death when receiving an abortion during this time, yet many women…show more content…
Induced abortions are procedures that women have the choice to make. Abortions can done be because of health complications or because of a woman’s own private choice. Women usually choose to receive an abortion early in the pregnancy. “About 90% of abortions are done in the first three months (first trimester) of pregnancy. At this stage, an abortion is thought to be less dangerous than pregnancy and childbirth, especially for young teens” (Durret 18). By choosing to receive an abortion at this time, women avoid many complications that could happen during pregnancy or during childbirth. While many abortions happen early on there are still some that are performed much later in the pregnancy whether it be for health purposes or not. “About four hundred to six hundred late term abortions are performed annually at the third trimester because of severe fetal deformity or the mother’s precarious health” (Herring 165). Though many abortions happen in the third trimester, whether it is because of fetal complications or the mother’s own personal choice, the risk of fatal side effects for the mother are very high. The risk of death is possible during the second trimester, but is the most threatening during the third. “...while abortion deaths have declined greatly, they have not vanished altogether, especially after the first trimester” (Herring 162). Though a great number of people believe that abortion…show more content…
Yet, the majority of people who oppose legal abortion are ones who hold strong moral values or believe it is immoral for other reasons. Often, abortions are seen as sacrilegious when regarding religions or philosophies. How ever author Scott Klusendorf writes about abortion being more related to incorrect morals. He states that fetuses and toddlers are virtually the same, that one is just more developed than the other. This brings him to the point that if it is immoral to murder a toddler then why is it any less immoral to kill a fetus when they are virtually the same? (Klusendorf). Many people hold the same or similar mindset when it comes to the ethics of abortions. Although religion and morals cause people to oppose abortion, another reason why people oppose abortion is because of the death and mental effects it brings to a woman. “ often an emotional experience for the woman...Guilt, sadness, and anger are common feelings that may persist for some time or reemerge years later” (“Abortion”). These risks that can happen often are very strong components to why people do not support abortion. People feel that a woman should not have to put herself
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