Persuasive Essay On A Mock Interview

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Most students go to school a total of eighteen years, Pre-K through college senior year, to obtain a bachelor’s degree to enter the workforce. Throughout these years, a student is taught how to achieve math, science, reading, writing, and other academic skills crucial for receiving a job and working the rest of their life. Completely educated students graduate college and believe their future is only a few tiny steps away. They advance with all the skills to be in a particular career field, however, in most cases, they never fully learned exactly how to obtain the job. This leaves young adults who thought they were on the top of their world instantly feeling intimidated and self-doubting about having to impress someone they have never met to…show more content…
To someone leaving a comfortable environment and entering a new life adventure, an interview, their first ever, may seem overwhelming. As the interview process requires an abundant amount of communication, individuals who do not specialize in public speaking often accumulate a heap of nervousness. Artificial consultations give an interviewee a chance to practice communicating before the real deal, which gives a sense of ease. Other sources of preparation do not give individuals the opportunity to sit down in a professional setting with someone imitating an actual interviewer. Katharine Hansen spoke with some students that had participated in real interviews without much preparation. Then, the individuals partook in a pretend conference before the next interview and one stood confident in the fact that her “‘nervousness is usually what holds [her] back’” and participating “‘definitely made the interview less stressful’” (Hansen). Students that fail to prepare for interviews do not know exactly how they will feel or react in the situation until they are actually questioned in depth in the high pressure condition. As we all know practice makes perfect and experiencing the interview, even in an imitated environment, helps one gain valuable familiarity. Simulated interviews are the only way to prepare and furnish individuals with the various skills to overcome the overwhelming stress of the
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