Why Students Shouldn't Dropout of High School Before 18 Years of Age

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How does dropping out of high school affects students’ lives in the future? Students’ dropping out has become a crisis, President Obama said, “It’s time for all of us to come together parents and students, principals, and teachers, business leaders and elected officials to end America’s dropout crisis” (“ President Obama”). There are 7 thousand students’ that drop out of high school that adds up to about 1.2 million each year, wouldn’t it be nice to drop that number and help kids stay in school instead of dropping out of high school(“ President Obama”). Students’ shouldn’t drop out of high school because they couldn’t go to college, couldn’t hold down a job, and would struggle making minimum wage for the rest of their life. Not being able to go to college is one reason why students’ shouldn’t drop out of high school. If you want a job that requires a bachelor or master’s degree you have to go to college to get. For example; if you wanted to be a Lawyer or school teacher or a business owner you would have to pass your GED test or make the choice to finish high school (“High School Dropouts”). If you still want go to college but you drop out you have to pass your GED test to go to college. If students’ would finish high school it would be a lot easier with a diploma than trying to get your GED to go to college, because if you finish high school with a diploma and don’t have to worry about taking any test to go to college. But if you don’t pass then you can’t do anything college related. Students’ wouldn’t be able to hold down a job is the second reason they shouldn’t dropout of high school. Many employers would like to have someone who has been too high school and that have been educated so they can handle money and add things p... ... middle of paper ... ...ted Azzam, Amy M. "Why Students Drop Out." Educational Leadership 64.7 (2007): 91. MAS Ultra - School Edition. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. De Ridder, Karin A. A., Et Al. "High School Dropout And Long-Term Sickness And Disability In Young Adulthood: A Prospective Propensity Score Stratified Cohort Study (The Young-HUNT Study)." BMC Public Health 13.1 (2013): 1-9. Academic Search Premier. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. "High School Student Dropouts." High School Student Dropouts RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2014. . "President Obama Announces Steps to Reduce Dropout Rate and Prepare Students for College and Careers." The White House. The White House, n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2014. .

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