Persuasive Essay For Homework

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Tianhao Wang
Persuasive Essay Assignment for English
Why should we assign homework during holidays? Why shouldn’t homework be minimized? These are questions that many students and parents have been thinking. Homework is like an extension of school. Why would they want to put more stress on the students even after school is over? Has homework harmed the students more? Or has it benefited them more? I believe that homework shouldn’t be minimized in all grade and should be assigned during holidays for 3 key reasons. First, homework allows you to understand the course material better. Second, I am against minimizing homework because a proper amount of homework is a most effective way to ensure the quality of a students’ education. Lastly, homework
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Homework will not only deepen your understanding of the material but also teach you how to apply it in many different scenarios. The more homework you do, the more practice you gain. You wont be able to retain the knowledge you learned in class if you don’t practice enough to understand it fully. Homework is also good for review. By doing the homework you are assigned you are reviewing everything you have learned in class. Homework can help you prepare for a test or exam that is coming up because it reinforces what you have learned in class. Homework can also show you the little bits of information you have missed in class. Once you see something on the homework you don’t recognise, you can ask the teacher to review a certain part of the previous lecture. Homework will benefit the students in many ways because it helps them revise, review and also deepen the students’…show more content…
A consistent amount of homework a day during the holidays could benefit the students greatly when they come back to school. Studies have shown that students forget a lot of material during the summer and winter breaks. According to, “all students score lower on standardized math tests at the end of the summer as compared to their performance on the same tests at the beginning of summer.” The winter break is a really good time for students to start studying for their exams. Research shows that students that study a little amount everyday will do better on an exam rather then students who study everything the night before. Winter break is also a good time to preview what you are going to learn in when you come back. It is also a good time to catch up on all the work you didn’t do and revise everything that you have learned. 30 minutes of homework a day wont do you any harm. I believe that homework should be given on holidays because it is a great learning advantage for the
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