Divorce: Does the Pain ever Stop?

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Divorce: Does the Pain Ever Stop?
Divorce is the termination of wedding vows and the cancelation of duties and responsibilities in which both people agreed by saying “I do” on their wedding day. Divorce is a frightening word for many or even a nightmare some never saw coming. When people hear the word divorce, most label it as a representation of failure; others symbolize divorce as putting their foot down and finally having the courage to leave behind a bond that was supposed to be unbreakable. Separation affects people in several different ways; some dread it others welcome it. While marriage is supposed to be a beautiful union between two individuals, divorce seems like an all too common life event. It is more than common in the United States, or even across the world. Parental divorce can be life changing. The whole family is affected but it has more negative effects on children weather minor or adult. The effects are more devastating for younger children.
In 2008 it was estimated that 40% of all marriages ended in divorce and 60% of second marriages would end also (Uphold-Carrier, Holly and Rebecca UTZ 2012 247-266). This is a sad statistic. There are some factors that may put people at risk for divorce such as: abuse, marrying at a young age, insecurities, religion, pregnancy, and affairs. Most of these problems can be prevented through commitment. Commitment is being dedicated to something or someone. Being committed could have a major impact on marriages. Although divorce may be the only option for some couples, others still try to hold on to their relationship due to financial issues.
Parental divorce can be a transforming experience. Who can imagine having two wonderful, happy, productive parents and awaken the ne...

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... we must find a way to stop the pain! We must accept that there is a natural order of things in this universe, marriage and the family is one of them. When we upset the order, the end result can make the difference in future generations.

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