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When I first started to take these personality test, my initial thought was that they would be complicated but they were not at all. Some of the test were a little long, but they were easy to answer. Before I took any of the personality test, I thought that the test would reveal that I was an extrovert, but to my surprise I was wrong. The test revealed that I am actually an introvert, surprisingly. The test that correlated with my personality was the big five personality test in which I compared my answers to those of my husband. Before I took the test I knew that my husband’s personality, compared to mine was totally different. After taking this test I was convinced that as they say, opposites definitely attract. Once I took the test about matting intelligence I found interesting that my results showed that my mating intelligence is considered to be average. Taking all of the personality test took me about an average of 2 hours, I thought some of the test were very similar in some of the test questions which became repetitive. Overall all the test has questions that were fairly easy to answer and there were not many questions that I struggled to answer. For the Jungian type sorter my types is ISFJ. This type of test describes me as an introvert, sensing, feeling and judging. I honestly did not think that I was an introvert, I have always been an extrovert in social situations and with peers, but I do not like to speak in public or state my opinions in a classroom setting. I guess I can say that I can be both, but according to my responses to this test I am an introvert, which does make sense because the test revealed that I am 38% introvert. When I read that description of the introverted, sensing, feeling judging type I... ... middle of paper ... ...ny times we do not realize that we have certain traits based on certain situations, for instance I consider myself to be an extrovert around people I know well, as well as family but I can also be an introvert based on the setting. Doing this activity has taught me that I can be a little or maybe a lot of more than one trait that I had never thought of. Some of the questions of some of the test were fairly easy, which made them easy to answer. The one test I found interesting was the big five test, because I answered the questions as well as how my husband would respond, his score of the questions were fairly true to his personality. Doing the big five test, showed that my husband I could not be any more opposite and as they say, opposites do attract. My husband is a total introvert, he is quiet, calm and reserved and I am an extrovert who is loud and outspoken.
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