The Big Five Personality Test: Personal Analysis

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The Big Five Personality Test provided an interesting account of my personality. Although the majority of the results were accurate, I was surprised by two of the outcomes. According to this test, I am a closed-minded, unmethodical, social butterfly that is well-mannered towards others and composed under pressure (John, 2009). First, the results were completely accurate as I am extremely extroverted. I never meet a stranger, and I carry on conversations with anyone. From the custodian, to the cashier, to a random person on the street, it gives me a great sense of fulfillment to engage in dialogue with others from all walks of life. Second, I agree that I am polite and supportive, especially with family and friends. Overall, I try to always…show more content…
In Patrick Lencioni: Team-building lessons from the NBA (HSM Global, 2013o) Lencioni states, “People that have humility are more interested in sharing credit than getting it”. I am a firm believer in giving credit when credit is due regardless of how I may feel about an individual or group. Everyone should be recognized for their efforts, ideas, and work done to fulfill a goal. For example, I work with another team on patient engagement initiatives for the patient portal. Although we may often disagree, I give them praise for organizing meetings, facilitating presentations, and providing my team with the clinical questions from the enterprise teams. In addition, I exercise humility through the transfer of knowledge. For instance, I know that I am adept in public speaking, problem solving, and marketing. However, I am not analytical nor an expert in Microsoft Excel or information technology. I utilize the skills of my peers and associates to better understand these areas in exchange for sharing my own skills. I view my team members as peers with a goal of working collectively. As Robert E. Kelley (1988) states, “Good followers see coworkers as colleagues rather than competitors”
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